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Music Player 2 0

MediaPlayer class mini project

I just made a simple app to test the MediaPlayer class. You can play a song (only one mp3 I put in the resource folder for the moment) by clicking on a “Play” button, you can pause it (with the « Pause » button) and play it in a loop by activating...

Just Java Order 0

Just java app

The Just Java app lets the user make an order and send it by email. It’s about managing user inputs and implicit intents. The user enter his name, choose the number of cup of coffee he wants, if he wants a topping or not, the amount of its order is...

Court Counter 2 0

Court counter

Court counter is a Simple application for counting scores in basketball. The screen is divided in 2 parts (teams), which contains three buttons for each team. When one team scores a basket, the user clicks on the button corresponding to the number of marked points.

Working on layouts 0

Working on layouts

Android Studio provides a graphical editor to create the applications layouts, but it’s better to create them directly in XML, because it’s more precise. There’s 2 layouts to make, the first is a « brithday card » and the second a presentation and contact app for a small business.