The Quilting Bee lollie #234 # 234

Welcome to my quilting bee Quilt !

I'm an official Quilting Bee member! If you are also a member, & would like to trade patches, please e-mail me. Don't forget to include these 3 things: your patch, URL, & member #. If you're not already a member, click the first patch on my quilt for info on how to join.


Happy holidays !

This is Chrismas time with the lovely Qbee activities of December ! I hope to find all the presents for the hunt event and collect al the adven patches !

I'm always here for trading ! ^^

Bye !

Star Jars !

I've made my little jar and started to trade !I love this activity, there is so much cute jars ^^
I'll answer to patch trades soon !

Filling my quilt

I have traded some patches and my quilt is filling gently ^^
I made a polaroid for the mini activity ! You can trade with me if you participate ! It's a sunflower in summer, an old pixelart I made few years ago for an activity on the Qbee ! A great memory of this time. ^^
Maybe I'll make a sandcastle if I have an idea !

First activity

I've just participated to my first activity, the pixel islands ! I loved making my little island.
I have made some trades, but I wish I made some more ! Maybe the next month !
I hadn't the time to make a fruity drink and I'm very sad about that !

I've just made my vote for the island activity ! Good luck to all bees ! ^^

First trades !

Hi !
Today I made my first two trades with Inger #136 and Sam #36 !
Big thanks to them !


Hello to all bees !
This is the opening of my little quilt ! I had been a bee for many years in the past, but due to lack of time, I had to leave the Qbee. :'(
Now I join it again, and I'm ready to trade !
Soon I'll make a participation for the current event !
Cya bees !